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New Breed, New Blood

Producer: Ben Finney


The Newbury Commission, a vampire hunting organisation in late 19th-century Edinburgh, thought they were making progress against the undead menace. But now the community is ravaged by a new breed — that lead a double life as humans unaware of their monstrous nature.


Dark, dramatic, bitter humour.


Drama is king: Anything built up can be torn down for the good of the story.

Steampunk: The world is grim, but steam-powered technology and strange science works like in early sci-fi.

Challenge clichés: Traditional vampire explanations are broken by the new breed, and need new thinking to overcome, not lynch mobs.


  • Nick Cave
  • Nine Inch Nails
  • VAST


Steampunk 19th-century Edinburgh


  • Mary, young prodigy vampire spotter
  • Fanny, ballsy risk-taking gadgeteer
  • Boris, burned-out marksman


A standard mission hunting the existing breed of vampires. Then, rumours and hints of vampire activity very different from the routine — during the day, and the protagonists have no alibi.

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